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Christine A Howard


Being a homeschool parent is challenging.  Homeschool parents continually strive to put the best learning experiences in front of their children.  I know that I struggle sometimes knowing what the best resources are for my own kids, and I am sure you do too!  Additionally we are a a very busy family.  I am sure your family is too.  I don’t always have the time to research new things.

This is why I have worked to create a list of curriculum resources that we use in our homeschool.  Here you will get to see how we use each resource so you can have an idea of what the product offers.  This way you can more easily determine what is going to be right for your family.  What you are getting here is our family’s opinions, and make sure to evaluate the product for how it will work for you.  The areas of instruction that we have so far is listed below.  As we use more resources in our homeschool, more will be added to the list.  Make sure to return often so that you don’t miss an update.

The Resources and Curriculum That We Use Are:

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