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Christmas Tree Stocking Holder You Can Keep Up All Year Round

Christmas is right around the corner and the stores are already playing Christmas music.  You know what that means, right?  Time to get busy with all of our Christmas projects!  This year I am trying to fix problems that we had last year, so the holidays go a bit smoother.  Any parent of a toddler knows just how inviting all of the Christmas decorations can be.  Well, we no longer have any toddlers, but with our daughter’s Down Syndrome, we do have a little girl who thinks like a toddler.

This is how her mind works.  Dangly things are super cool!  Stockings are dangly things.  Let’s play with the stockings.  Yay!  The only trouble is that the mess that goes with playing with the stockings isn’t fun for mom, so the Christmas Tree Stocking Holder was born.  This can hang on the wall safely away from inquisitive hands, and the best part, is that it can stay up all year long if you wish.  Simply replace the bow and stockings with fun photos in decorative frames, and you have a quaint, country wall hanging.  Here is what you need to make this super easy project…

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  • Pallet (clean and free of chemicals)
  • Power Saw
  • Course Sandpaper
  • Can Dark Brown Spray Paint (or any color of your choosing)
  • Decorative Bow (color and style of your choosing)
  • Twig Garland
  • Thin Floral Wire
  • Command Strip Hooks (one for each stocking or picture frame)
  • Wall Hanger
  • Stockings or Decorative Frames (styles, colors and quantities of your choosing)


Prepare and Cut the Pallet…

  • First, prepare the pallet by cleaning any debris and sanding off any labels or writing.
  • Then cut the pallet into the shape of a tree, making sure that when finished the height will be 36 inches and the base will be 36 inches across.

How to cut the tree


  • Next sand any rough edges to remove any splinters.  Do not over sand, as too much sanding will take away from the rustic look of the project.

Paint and Add Decorations…

  • Now you can apply spray paint to the entire pallet Christmas tree both front and back.  Allow several hours to dry, more if you are completing this project in a cold garage.  See spray paint can for proper temperature.
  • Decorate the tree with the twig garland, using the thin floral wire to keep the garland in place. FYI, twist ties with the outer covering removed can be used in place of thin floral wire.

tree with bow and garland


  • Then add the Christmas Bow to the top.  If you plan to use this tree year round, do not fasten the bow permanently.  Instead, you may want to use a Command Hook that can be easily removed.

Prepare to Hang the Tree…

  • Place additional command strip hooks where you would like to hang either the stockings or the picture frames.  If you prefer, you can find hooks to match or spray paint them the same color as the tree.

  • Now add a wall hanger to the back of the tree.  Make sure to get the kind that screws into the tree to ensure it does not fall.  The hangers with the teeth work the best, and make it so that you do not need to perfectly center the hanger.

Enjoy for Years to Come…

  • Now you are ready to enjoy your Christmas Tree Stocking Holder.  This will be a great addition to your home, and will keep tiny hands from digging in the fun stockings.
Shown with picture frames
Shown with picture frames


Shown with stockings
Shown with stockings

simple diy christmas tree stocking holder with a pallet                     christmas tree stocking holder only hours to make                     Christmas tree stocking holder your can keep up all year round

If you have been looking for a way to keep inquisitive hands away from your family’s Christmas Stockings, we have a plan for you.  Make this cute Christmas Tree Stocking Holder for your wall.

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