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Helpful hints to make travelling, especially travelling with special needs easier and more fun.

30 Things to do at the Mall of America That Won’t Break The Bank

One of our favorite places to go for a weekend getaway is the Mall of America.  There is so much to do, you could really make it a week long affair, but I suggest just an extended weekend purely out of cost.  If you are not careful, and don’t visit with a budget in mind,…

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Why Travel Insurance is a Must for Special Needs Families

How many of you have a trip planned for this year?  I know that I do.  My family says I have two modes, on vacation mode and planning for vacation mode.  I love to travel, but most importantly I love to plan travel.  There is one thing that I never forget to include in my…

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12 Valentine’s Gifts for the Family Traveler Under $40

With Valentine’s Day coming up very soon, are you still wondering what to get your family traveler?  There is always the old Valentine’s standby of candy and festive stuffed animals.  But, I think we all know what happens to all of that within two days of the holiday.  Believe me, we have done all of…

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How Will You Celebrate National Plan For Vacation Day?

Do you know what January 3oth is?  It is probably the best holiday of the year quite truly, and for the most important reason!  It is National Plan For Vacation Day!  Did you know that vacationing is just as important as working?  And that studies have proven that?  According to the organization Project: Time Off, workers…

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A Guide to Packing Like a Pro From A Special Needs Mom

Your Guide to Packing Like a Pro From A Special Needs Mom Today more than ever before, airlines are cutting down on the amount of luggage that can be brought on the plane.  Long gone are the days of packing whatever your heart desires with no plan for what will be used when you arrive.…

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