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10 Ways Norskedelan Brings The Pioneer Days To Life

Are there days when you just want to escape this fast-paced, digital world for a simpler, quieter time?  I know that I do.  When life in the 21st century gets a little too hectic, I like to escape to a simpler time.  Norskedalen Nature and Heritage Center provides the perfect retreat from life as we…

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National Eagle Center-The Perfect Home School Adventure

Winter in Wisconsin is not my favorite time of year.  I am not a winter sports person, and so I end up staying inside way more than I like.  By late January, everyone is going a little stir crazy and feeling cooped up.  Our home school days seem to drag on longer and longer, because…

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Learning with Legos and a Family Movie Night

In our family, Legos. Are. life.  Really.  There are more Legos in our house than actual stuff in our house.  I can’t even count how many times I have accidentally stepped on one, sending me into a rant of words I’d rather not repeat.  But all that aside, Legos are truly amazing little cubes with…

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