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Family Staycation

A Family Valentine’s Movie Night With Wonder

Our family loves all the holidays. There are a few that my family really looks forward to every year – Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day in that order.  I personally can do without Halloween, but I truly love the other two.  They bring up such great opportunities for family togetherness and thinking of others.  This…

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A Virtual Vacation with Diary of a Wimpy Kid

A Virtual Vacation with Diary of a Wimpy Kid Its hard to believe that it is already Ground Hogs Day! I really hope that little guy does not see his shadow.  Spring can’t get here fast enough for my liking.  We love warm, and winter in Wisconsin is definitely not that!  Right now there is…

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Learning with Legos and a Family Movie Night

In our family, Legos. Are. life.  Really.  There are more Legos in our house than actual stuff in our house.  I can’t even count how many times I have accidentally stepped on one, sending me into a rant of words I’d rather not repeat.  But all that aside, Legos are truly amazing little cubes with…

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Winter Doldrums = Luau Movie Night!

So how is winter treating your family?  ‘Cause this year’s winter has socked us in the stomach but good!  You would think that we would be enjoying our mid-western winter with all sorts of cold weather activities, and normally we would. There has been no snowmobiling, no sledding, and no building snowmen, and this is…

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