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An Eye For Detail: Awesome Accessories For A Cool Kid’s Room

If your family is on the go as much as ours, you probably don’t have a lot of time for home upkeep.  One of the ways we have worked to create a calmer household, is to ensure that everyone has their own safe haven at home.  Your child will appreciate a calming space that they can retreat to when life gets stressful.  Making sure that the space fits the needs of your child is essential.  Keeping an eye to the details will ensure that your child can use their space to unwind and regroup.  Parents can enjoy a little more piece as their child spends downtime in their new and improved cool kid’s room.

If you’re a fan of fashion or interior design, you’ll know all too well how important it is to have an eye for detail. If you’re refreshing your interiors and creating new spaces for your kids, paying attention to the finer details will propel your designs to the next level. Accessorizing is a fantastic way to add interest, and create rooms worth talking about.  Try mixing and matching the coolest trends to keep your child’s room relevant. Here are some awesome accessories you may wish to add to create a cool kid’s room.

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Soft furnishings

Soft furnishings are ideal for adding texture and creating a cozy atmosphere. Blankets are an essential investment for newborns. Rugs are another great addition to a snugly, serene nursery.  For older children, you can use bed linen, curtains, rugs, cushions and throws to create a fun theme. Choose printed or colored soft furnishings to lift neutral walls and keep your accessories subtle if you’ve been a little bolder.

Baby's nursery room with colorful decor and matching pictures, shelves and bedding linens
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Wall art

Wall art is a wonderful addition to almost any room. If you have children, there are all kinds of options to choose from.  You can also personalize and customize prints to make your child’s room unique. For nurseries, you could frame inspirational quotes from well-loved books like Winnie the Pooh or design a poster to frame that has your baby’s name and birth date. You could also buy framed pictures of animals, your children’s favorite film, literary or TV characters or go for shapes or patterns that fit with the theme of the room.

If you wish for a modern cool kid’s room, for example, opt for framed monochrome prints like zig-zags, stars, spots or geometric shapes. Another idea your children may love is creating a gallery of their artistic masterpieces on the walls.  These can be updated with new creations as your child ages, so the decor remains relevant.

Stylish storage

Tubs and boxes are useful, but storage doesn’t always have to be uniform. There are so many cool ideas out there that will make it easy to keep the room clean and ensure it looks usable at the same time. Take a look at Childhome furniture & nursery sets for everything from wigwam shelving units to themed beds with hidden drawers, and use your storage to celebrate the theme of the room. If you’ve gone for a trendy industrial vibe for an older child, for example, swap a boring bookshelf and plastic pots for a wire unit with metal storage jars.

Child's room decorated with bright colors, a white bunk bed with storage space a desk and bright geometric designs fit for a pre-teen or teen
Example of a cool kid’s room for an older child or teen. Image sourced from


Lighting plays an important role in setting the tone of the room, but it can also have an influence on the aesthetics. Choose a themed light fitting, such as a star, the moon or a planet for a neutral nursery or opt for a statement-making standing lamp for older children. If you’ve got an animal lover in the family, for example, you could choose a lamp shaped like a giraffe or a leopard. Fairy lights are ideal for chill out zones and princess-themed rooms.

If you’re redecorating your child’s bedroom into a cool kid’s room or you’re designing a nursery for a new addition, it pays to focus on the finer details. Accessories can help you inject color, embrace a theme and design a unique room for your little one.

An Eye for Detail: Awesome Accessories For a Cool Kid's Room

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