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All About Resort Hopping at Disney World

Hello!  My name is Taryn from!  I am so excited to be writing a guest post for Christine today.  My family has been to Disney World multiple times since 2012 and we always stay in Moderate Resorts.  Sometimes I like to pretend that I am staying at one of the Deluxe Resorts.  How do I do that?  RESORT HOPPING!

What IS resort hopping?

Have you ever heard of “resort hopping”?  My family has been resort hopping way before we even knew it was a THING!  Resort hopping at Disney World is when you go visit resorts that you aren’t staying at to check them out!  I like to resort hop to the Deluxe Resorts (because I can’t ever afford to stay there).  But I have heard of lots of people resort hopping to Value and Moderate Resorts as well.  Keep reading for some tips and tricks to resort hopping!

How do I resort hop from one resort to another?

There are MANY ways that you can hop from one resort to another.  This is easiest if you are staying on Disney property, but it is possible if you are not.  Here are my top 3 favorite ways to resort hop!

  1. Our favorite way to resort hop is via the monorail.  We usually get to Magic Kingdom from our resort and then hop on the monorail to visit the Polynesian, the Grand Floridian, and the Contemporary Resorts!  This is an easy way to visit three Deluxe resorts without having to worry about changing modes of transportation!
  2. Another way that we have resort hopped before is via the walking trail from the International Gateway at EPCOT to Hollywood Studios! If you follow this trail from one park to the other you will find THREE Deluxe Resorts in between!  This is how we visit the Beach Club, the Yacht Club, and the Boardwalk Resorts!
  3. This option is great if you aren’t staying on Disney property but you’d like to go check out a resort… park at Disney Springs and take the bus!  This option is sometimes unpopular with Disney fans, but I think if you are visiting during a low crowd time it’s completely fine.  Parking at Disney Springs is free, so park your car there (maybe stop to have a bite to eat) and then take one of the resort busses to the resort you want to check out.  This is really one of the only ways to resort hop to the Value and Moderate Resorts!  Next time we go I think I want to go check out the Caribbean Beach Resort and Art of Animation!

What do you do while you are at the resort?

We usually go to the resorts to take pictures, check out the shops, and EAT!  Some of the best food is at the Disney Resorts!  We love Cape May Café at the Beach Club Resort, 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian, and Captain Cooks at the Polynesian!  I also love the shops at the Grand Floridian.  They have a little bath store where you can smell different bath salts and soaps!  The photo opportunities around other resorts are great as well!  Take a bus to the Animal Kingdom Lodge and check out the savannah animals!  If you want to take your picture next to giant Disney statues you’ll probably want to check out the Value Resorts!

What can you NOT do?

Just keep in mind you may NOT hop to another resort to use their pools.  This is against Disney “rules” and is the one thing that you may not enjoy while you are checking out other resorts.  The pools are reserved for those who are paying to stay at the hotel!

Which hotel do you want to hop to?

I hope you enjoyed this post on resort hopping at Disney World!  Resort hopping is something that my family has always done, even before I knew it was called that!  Have you ever been resort hopping before?  What are your favorite resorts to hop to?  The Grand Floridian is my favorite if you couldn’t already tell!  I’d love to hear your tips!

Again, thank you so much to Christine for inviting me to guest write for her blog!  Come visit me at for more theme park tips and tricks! 




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