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A Homeschool Mom’s Review of

Do you have a high school student looking to obtain college credit? Do you have a child that is getting ready to take the college entrance exams? has some tools that just may be the answer. They have test prep courses that will help your child with the CLEP and DSST exams. We were excited to get the opportunity to review these products, and here is what we found…

A Little Bit About offers numerous study resources to help students improve on test scores and become prepared for college. For this review, Review Crew families looked at two courses. These were the prep courses for the CLEP and DSST exams. However, our family did look at the ACT prep course as well. has more than 4,100 courses and video resources to choose from, so chances are, you will find what you are looking for.

A Little Bit About The Courses

My son is a sophmore, and this year decided he wanted to take the ACT Aspire test to help him be more prepared for the actually ACT next year. He is not a good test taker, and tends to tense up and forget everything he knows. The timing of this review could not have been better, as he was starting to get prepared for the exam.

Both courses cover many different subjects and can be used to help prepare for college entrance exams. However, this is not their focus. Since the focus is on the CLEP and DSST exams, we did find that some of the material was too difficult for my son.

 a homeschool moms review of

These courses seem like they are perfect for the college senior looking for college credit while in high school or for an adult looking at returning to college.

The nice thing about these courses, is that they are self-paced and self-directed. You could take the complete course, or simply brush up on the areas that you need a refresher. This is how my son used them, as he had a test coming up that he wanted to feel comfortable taking.

How We Used The Product

Each Saturday, my son would spend about an hour or so working through the course. Each lesson has a short video and some reading materials. He started with the pre-test so that he knew where to concentrate his time. Because he was taking an ACT exam, he spent time looking at the ACT prep course as well.

With each course, there is an option to take a pre-placement exam. This helps to focus your learning. If you master a section of the pre-placement test, you can skip this area of the course, which is really a nice feature. As you progress through the lessons, it keeps track of how far you are in each section of the course.

By the time he was to take his test, he did feel much more ready and confident. Now we wait for the results.

Our Thoughts…

Zach (age 16)

“ is great when you have a big test coming up and you need to study for it. I was really nervous about taking the ACT and having time to practice was great!”

Chris (mom)

“The set up of the courses is really nice, as you can skip things you already know to spend more time on the things that you don’t. I would say that the CLEP and DSST exams are quite advanced, so these are more for older students. However, has so much to offer. We will definitely be keeping them in mind for future study.”

Review Crew Thoughts…

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