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A Homeschool Mom’s Review of Reading Eggs Workbooks

Are you like me and try to blend the world of online learning with actual books and writing? Reading Eggs is a great progam that we have been working with for a while now. My daughter loves the fun learning games. She doesn’t really feel like she is doing school, so it is easy to get her to keep working. Recently, we were given the opportunity to review the workbooks offered by Reading Eggs. We were given the 200 Essential Math Skills for Kindergarten workbook, which my daughter was very happy about. Here is what we found…

A Litte Bit About Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is a comprehensive early reading program that combines online learning games with physical books and workbooks to get kids reading well. They also have a math program called Mathseeds to help young learners with early math concepts.

We have been using both Reading Eggs and Mathseeds for almost a full year now, and my daughter love them both. While online games are great to keep kids engaged, I believe that it is also very important for kids to use actual books. We loved getting the opportunity to use the workbooks Reading Eggs offers.

Reading Eggs Workbooks

For this review we will concentrate on the 200 Essential Math Skills for Kindergarten. However, Reading Eggs does offer the titles list below, and other families on the Review Crew have been working with these titles.

Reading Workbooks

Math Workbooks

A Homeschool Mom's Review of Reading Eggs Workbooks

A Little Bit About 200 Essential Math Skills for Kindergarten

200 Essential Math Skills for Kindergarten is a 260 page, full-color workbook that covers the basic math skills for Kindergarten. My daughter was very excited that the workbook has the same characters as the online curriculum. Just as with its online partner, the workbook is broken down into maps.

Reading Eggs Map

Each map has a group of lessons, a quiz, a certificate of completion, and a fun activity. Over the course of 50 lessons students learn skills such as, numbers, operations, patterns, geometry concepts, and measurement.

The activities in each workbook page are set up very similarly, so even children who cannot read can feel independent. After a couple of lessons, I did not have to really tell my daughter was she had to complete. She seemed to know, just by looking at the activity.

How We Used This Product

Since we were already using the online Mathseeds program, we simpy added this to our weekly tasks. On Monday morning she would work through a lesson on the computer. Then on other four days we would complete one workbook page. By the end of the week, she was ready for the next lesson.

The workbook pages do not take up much time, and she is typically able to compete a page in about 10 minutes. We bought a box of dominos, as Mathseeds seems to use dominos in quite a few of their workbook pages. This has helped make what she is doing a little bit more hands on.

Our Thoughts…

Ruth (age 16)

“I like the workbook. At the end I get to color and do fun things.”

Chris (mom)

“Reading eggs workbooks are very colorful and work well with the online platform. My daughter doesn’t seem to mind working with these workbooks. She really loves the online platform, and will sometimes refuse to use a workbook or worksheet. We don’t see this refusal with the Reading Eggs workbooks, because the characters are the same. I am happy to report that Reading Eggs is offering you 4 Weeks For FREE!! Click the link to claim this offer.”

Review Crew Thoughts…

You don’t have to take our word for it though. Other Review Crew families have also been working to bring you a great review. I highly recommend checking them out, as each family is reviewing a different workbook. To see the reviews, simply click the link below.

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