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A Homeschool Family Review of Creation Illustrated Unit Studies

If your family is like ours, you love nature.  Between Boy Scouts, camping, and being outside in our backyard, our family spends as much time as we can in nature.  This is one of the reasons we love the nature Unit Studies by Creation Illustrated.   Another reason we love these unit studies is that they are based in creation.  We also love that these studies are perfect for unschooling your children.  We really like the idea of unschooling during holiday break times as well as during the summer.  Because of this, we were very excited to be picked to review two of the unit studies – The Intricacies of Snow and Pine Trees.

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Creation Illustrated

What is Creation Illustrated?

Creation Illustrated is a quarterly magazine created by Tom and Jennifer Ish.  The whole family will love this colorful magazine which includes wonderful stories and vivid pictures.  Each magazine compliments a particular unit study, which will allow your student to dive deeper into the themes in that issue.  For example, the Fall 2017 issue of Creation Illustrated has an article called The Enduring Pine Tree which corresponds to the unit study Pine Trees.  The Winter 2018 edition has an article about snow that compliments the unit study “The Intricacies of Snow.”

Winter 2018, Vol. 24, No. 4

What is a Unit Study?

As I mentioned, there are times of the year that we love to unschool.  Rather than follow a strict curriculum, we like to take a single subject of interest and learn as much as we can.  These unit studies are perfect for that, because each one contains enough activities and information to cover several subjects worth of learning.  They include puzzles, math problems, vocabulary, science activities, reading and writing activities and much more.  They use the natural curiosity of a certain subject – in this case snow or pine trees – to foster education in many subject areas.

The whole family will love this colorful magazine which includes wonderful stories and vivid pictures.

Pine Trees Unit Study

Creation Illustrated Unit Study Pine Trees
The Pine Tree unit study of course focuses on pine trees.  Have you ever wanted to be able to tell the difference between the various types of pine trees just be looking at them?  It’s in the unit study.  Would you like to know where in the world pine trees grow?  You can learn that in the unit study as well.

The Intricacies of Snow Unit Study

Creation Illustrated Unit Study Snow
We spent the most time in the Intricacies of Snow unit study as we have had a few snowfalls in the last few weeks to make it more fun.  We learned about areas that have higher rainfall amounts, and so also have higher snow amounts.   Did you know that snow is a part of the water cycle?  Well, instead of the evaporated water coming down as rain, when it is cold, it comes as snow, hail, or freezing rain.  At the end of the study, there is a fun word find, and there are several snow related activities to try.

How We Used the Unit Studies

This was how we spent our spring break learning all about the wonders of snow.  We were lucky enough to have a snowfall during this time.  Because of this, we were able to take the snow inside and really look at it.  The kids were amazed at how many different shapes there are, and how there really are no two snowflakes alike.

We were able to get the camera out and get some close ups of the snow on some dark colored paper.  It was amazing just how fast the flakes would melt.  We learned to be very fast and edit or zoom in later.  We truly had fun learning about that white stuff we take for granted every year.

snow crystals

Seth (age 12)

“I think that the unit studies are really educational and informational.  They have activities that you can use your knowledge to do. That really makes what you learn stick with you.”

Ruth (age 15)

“I like to play with the snow.  I liked bringing the snow inside and playing with it.”

playing with snow

Chris (Mom)

“I really love the numerous activities that are included.  There is a nice mix of online and offline activities to keep kids interested.  I am really looking forward to the spring 2018 edition that will be out very soon.”

Creation Illustrated Spring 2018 Edition

What Do Others Have to Say?

Other members of the Review Crew have also been having fun learning about pine trees and snow.  Don’t miss what they have to say too!  To read some more awesome reviews, simply click the link below.  I highly recommend you check them out.

Creation Illustrated Unit Studies {Creation Illustrated Reviews}

If you have been looking for a nature unit study that will engage your child for hours, look no further than the Creation Illustrated Unit Studies.  I personally love the Pine Trees and Intricacies of Snow unit studies, and I can’t wait to see what is in store for this spring!

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