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4 Things to Pack For Your Next Cruise You Didn’t Even Know You Needed!

Nothing beats the thought of an upcoming cruise, well except maybe actually being on the cruise. I’m talking sun and relaxation, with amazing food and exotic destinations. It all makes me wish that my next cruise was just a little bit closer! But alas, I must wait a few more months. Right now I am in full planning mode and trying to make sure I check off all the right things on my to-do list. So, do you know what can turn that relaxing getaway into something of an anxiety driven nightmare? Forgetting to pack some very important essentials. Here are some things to pack that you probably didn’t even know that you needed!

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An Extension Cord

If you have stayed in a hotel, you probably have noticed that lack of available plug-ins in the room. If your family is like mine, there are no devices that can be kept at home, even on vacation. With all of the necessary devices we travel with, it would seem that someone would get with the program and add a few more outlets to the rooms. Am I right?

If the lack of outlets in hotel rooms frightens you, then you won’t like the idea that each stateroom on most cruise ships only have ONE plug-in. Yep, you heard me right – one! Can you imagine the all-out mutiny you will have as your kids try and figure out who is going to get the one outlet in the room? Save yourself the headache and make sure to pack an extension cord.

4 Things to Pack For Your Next Cruise You Didn't Even Know You Needed!

While it seems like a quick dollar store purchase, actually cruise ships put some regulations on just what kind of extension cord you can bring on board. The biggest of these restrictions is that the cord must NOT have a surge protector. Aparently this messes up the ship’s electrical system. Trust me. You don’t want to the guest that causes the ship to suddenly float aimlessly out to sea. It’s truly a vacation ruiner.

My recommendation is that you do some shopping ahead of time. There are a ton of options out there, and most of the choices are pretty underwhelming. You are going to want to find just the right cord for your family’s needs. There are some cords that boast two whole plug-ins. My family seriously needs more juice than that! If you don’t want to or don’t have the time to go shopping, I have listed my top three favorites below. Click on the images to get more details about each one.

First Choice

Second Choice

Third Choice

Two-Way Radios

Another thing that cruise ships are not especially great at, is providing free wi-fi or cell service. Keeping tabs on just where your family members are can suddenly become a bit more challenging. Sadly, your cell service will most likely be a thing of the past until you disembark back home. And, while you can purchase onboard internet packages, these can add up.

Instead, we bring two-way radios to keep in-touch while on board the ship. While these aren’t going to provide your teen with all of their social media platforms, sometimes a social media break can be a good thing. You will be able to send your teens off to their own adventures and still be able to make sure they arrive on time for your dining reservations.

Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

I bet you didn’t already know this, but staterooms are tiny. Okay, you did know that, but did you know that you can do something about that? No, you can’t ask for a bigger room, well unless you want to spring for a suite. What you can do is get organized. By packing an over the door shoe organizer, you can have a place for all that stuff you just can’t live without. These are also nice to hang from a stroller for extra space as well. We have done this at Walt Disney World and it was a lifesaver!

Portable DVD/Blu-ray Player

Does your child just have to watch Baby Shark or Masha and the Bear on repeat? Now that is going to eat heavily into your onboard internet fees. I suggest investing in a portable DVD/ Blu-ray player and some of your child’s favorite movies and videos. Add a pair of head phones and your child can quietly zone out, giving you and your deck neighbors a bit of peace.

Heaven knows there will be literally tons of fun activities aboard the ship, but if your little one needs their Baby Shark fix before bed, you are gonna need to provide it. This will make for a lot fewer “I’m sorrys’ the next morning as you greet your neighbors in the hallway.

While I know that all you really want to have to think about is all the fun you are going to have on your next cruise. But, trust me. You are going to have way more fun if you remember to pack the three items I just talked to you about. Happy sailing!

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