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4 Cyber Security Hacks For Mom Bloggers

“But I’m a humble mother. Who would want to hack my bog?” It’s a good question but, sadly, it’s a little naive. The way remote thieves work is quite simple –they target the weak links. Like a pride of lions on the African plains, they split the herd and go in for the kill. And, because you’re a “lowly blog” they assume that the platform lacks security measures. Therefore, you may be under threat and that is very unsettling. Mom bloggers have to fight back and secure their baby if they want to avoid a nasty data breach. But, how can people who aren’t technologically savvy cover all of the bases?  Here are four cyber security hacks that will help you keep your site safe.

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Speak To An Expert

The first port of call is a professional that understands the ins and outs of cyber security. Seeing as you probably don’t fit this bill, you need to find someone with the right credentials. A quick search of the internet will bear fruit, yet the best outsourced IT services come from recommendations and referrals. That way, you know you can trust them to do a good job. When money is tight, don’t be afraid to ask questions and use the answers to steady the ship. They decline to respond, but, if they do, you’ll get the service without paying a penny.

The first port of call is a professional that understands the ins and outs of cyber security.

Set And Change Passwords

A password is the last line of defense. If a hacker can’t bypass it, they won’t be able to target the blog. The problem is that most are either easy to guess or breakdown. People, your name or “1, 2, 3, 4” aren’t strong codes. Instead, use a collection of numbers, letters (upper and lower case), and signs to make it as unbreakable as the Enigma. Also, a long password is better than a short one as it increases the odds in your favor. Bloggers with fantastic memories can change their codes every month to add an extra layer of security.

Control Access

Hopefully, you run the blog with an iron fist and you are the only person with access. However, depending on the size there may be a host of people who know the password. Although it’s a necessary evil, it is pretty insecure at the same time as it adds to the likelihood of a breach. Be sure they are people you can trust first and foremost, and always delete access once the person is no longer part of the circle. Also, create a new admin account and get rid of the old one just in case.

Update Now

A company like WordPress doesn’t rest on its laurels. At least once a quarterly, a new version will be available for users. Awesome, you’ll get around to it soon. Sorry, but you need to do it as quickly as possible to prevent attacks. Updates are developed to make the platform secure, more than ever before. Avoiding an upgrade is a common yet effective way to put the blog in danger. All it takes is five minutes and you can rest easy knowing better measures are protecting your site.

4 Cyber Security Hacks For Mom Bloggers

How big a role does cyber security play in the life of your blog?  It should play a big role.  If you want to keep your blog safe use these four cyber security hacks to keep your blog safe from attack.

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