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3 Top Concerns When You Separate As Special Needs Parents

Going through a separation is of course never pleasant, and not the kind of thing that you really want to happen if you can help it. Unfortunately, special needs parents are at an increased risk of separation and divorce.  Let’s face it.  Marriage is tough, and the stresses that come with being a special needs parents make it even tougher.  Even though no couple wants to face this, sometimes it is for the best for all involved.  If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, here are some concerns when you separate to help you through this time. 

There are more than a few concerns when you begin the process of separating. The more aware you are of these and what you need to do about them, the more prepared you will feel, and that will mean that you can get through it much more easily and smoothly, no matter how hard it might be to do.

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The Children

First things first, if you have any children then they are of course going to be concern number one. There is something inherently painful and tragic about going through a separation when you have kids. This is a difficult topic for all children, but as you probably already know, special needs kiddos will need a lot more time and patience.  Make sure you seek out the advice of a good mental health professional that can give you the right advice in how to proceed with your children.  

It is vital to try and be communicative with one another as best as you can be.  Having a qualified mental health professional is going to be essential for everyone to be on the same page for the children.  It may even help the two of you so that you can do what is best for your children without upsetting them too much.

You should consider getting someone to meditate in your discussions.  Hopefully it does not come to it.  But if you just cannot come to a good agreement regarding the children,  seeking some affordable family law help is not a bad idea. The important thing to remember, is that at one time, you both liked each other to get married and begin a family.  With good support, you can get back to a place of respect and friendship that will provide your children with two unified parents.

The Finances

Money is always a big hing in any separation. Generally it causes than anything else in the separation. For many special needs parents, money is already tight.  Trying to split an already tight budget fairly can be overwhelming.  It is always best if the two of you can talk things out, rather than making a matter to fight out in court. Try and remember the children and what is going to be best for them.  

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The Home

Knowing what to do with the home itself is of course tough.  You might find yourselves arguing over this one for a long time. It can be sometimes best to both go elsewhere, but that is not always possible or easy. If your home has been modified for special needs, this can make things more difficult as well.  You may need to think about sharing the house until you can find proper accommodations for everyone.  This is something you will need to work something out, and this is absolutely going to be a top concern.

Separation and Divorce Three things to think about when you are a special needs parent dealing with separation

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