All About Resort Hopping at Disney World

Hello!  My name is Taryn from!  I am so excited to be writing a guest post for Christine today.  My family has been to Disney World multiple times since 2012 and we always stay in Moderate Resorts.  Sometimes I like to pretend that I am staying at one of the Deluxe Resorts.  How do I do that?  RESORT HOPPING!

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Cinnamon Roll Cross for Easter Breakfast

Hey Special Needs Homeschoolers!

Let’s get ready for Easter with a simple cinnamon roll creation!

With Easter springing up before you know it, everyone seems to be getting ready for their family traditions.  One of our family’s biggest traditions, is our cinnamon roll cross.  It is super easy to make, and smells so good on Easter morning.  If you have one of the fancier bread makers with the delayed time, it becomes even easier.  I personally don’t have one of those, so I work the day before to get the cross ready for the morning. Continue reading →

How To Make Reusable Graph Paper And Practice Sheets

Hey Special Needs Homeschoolers! 

Let’s save some money and make some reusable graph paper and other practice sheets!

During Math Season our house seems to go through graph paper like its going out of style.  We use it a lot in Science too.  My kids also like to use it to keep math computations straight, so they don’t accidentally get lost or forget a step.  Not that graph paper isn’t easy to come by, because you can literally print it off the internet.  However, my kids go through tons of graph paper that they literally throw away a few minutes later.  This can really add up.  So instead, we have created reusable graph paper for them to figure math computations.  This way, when they are finished with a problem, they don’t have to throw it away.  They can reuse it!  This process works great for making reusable graph paper and practice sheets or just your personal whiteboard.

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Fun Ways to Keep Jesus the Focus This Easter

It is hard to believe that in just a few weeks it will be Easter.  Where has the year gone?  I know that our kids are getting excited, as I am certain your’s are too. Though our kids are more excited about the prospects of candy then anything else. I love taking the kids to Easter egg hunts and watching them go through their baskets on Easter morning.  It does sadden me just a bit though, knowing that the focus of this very special day tends to be more on a fluffy bunny than on the gift of Jesus.  That is why our family tries very hard to keep the focus on Jesus.

If you would like some fun ideas for keeping Jesus the focus this Easter celebration, keep reading.  I created a list of things for you to enjoy with your family this Easter season. Continue reading →

4 Ways to Keep Your Child Interested In Playing An Instrument

Music has always played a large role within our family.  From playing an instrument to singing in the church choir to just enjoying other’s music, it seems music is a constent in our home.  In fact, our oldest son recently graduated from the Icon Collective Music School out in Los Angeles, and is now pursuing a career in the music industry.  All of our adult children attend concerts on a regular basis, and I believe this is because the love of music was fostered at a young age. Continue reading →